shutting down Dec 25 2020

The Metafetish brand and website is being sunset, and with it, so are these forums. Other projects like Buttplug will continue to exist, I’m just ending the blog and related content after years of it not really being updated.

I’ll be archiving the forums (which means they’ll be up but no longer accessible for posting) on Dec 25, 2020. They’ll probably stay up for at least a month or two in that state as I figure out how archiving should work, so posts will be accessible for reading until then.

So long, and thanks for all the Buttplugs.

Why? If I may ask. Was there any pressure from Erostek?

Nope! Just closing up the brand in general, moving on to other things.

Seeing as the site has been mostly quiet over the past week, I’m bumping the shutdown up to today in order to give myself less to think about. It’s the best Christmas present I could possibly give myself.

Hope everyone has a good holiday. I’m gonna go play video games now.