MK-312 PCB manufacture


Anyone know a good place to get the PCB manufactured that won’t cost a fortune? (that ships to Europe)

#2 was one of the recommended places, and they ship internationally.


Ah cheers! I have ordered smaller boards from them before, didn’t realise their prices for larger PCBs were so good. Another place I got a quote from was over $100!


I have some PCBs left. So in case anyone in Europe still needs a MK-312BT PCB/frontpanel set, just let me know. I have already built my MK-312BT and I am very impressed and satisfied.


Does anyone in the US happen to have any PCBs they’d be willing to share/sell? I don’t really need to buy 10 of them from JLCPCB.


could I buy one off you please? I’m in the UK


I would be interested in a PCB/Panel


I am interested too.
If you have some left - please let me know.
I am in Germany.
you can contact me at (
best whishes


Do any of you still have a set of the PCB’s? I’m interested in a set, if available.


Nm, I just put in an order for 5 so, we’ll see what happens from there.


Hope your build comes together well!

I’m honestly not sure what, if anything, is up with PCB manufacture on this now. I’ve been so busy with the software that I haven’t checked up on HW development in a while. If I have any updates soon I’ll let you know.


It looked like the gerber files were in line with the BOM list; all of the build notes seemed to have been updated to address issues and refer back to the current version (v1.2). I think the firmware is up to v1.6 which requires a different cap (?) so I’m not entirely certain that the firmware and the hardware are in line with each other.

I’ll have to take a look and see if the schematics have outputs so I can double check against them with my oscilloscope.

Thanks for the reply!!


I used the V1.2 files and the current firmware. The device is working perfectly.

I still have some PCBs, but I ran out of front panels. I’ll have some manufactured if anyone wants a set.


It occurs to me, is there an actual panel drawing? I didn’t see it in the zip files…


Also, AlliedElectrtonic for the box is, literally, 2x more expensive than (I paid $10.41 for the enclosure and $6.40 for shipping): CM86-225-000-K


Is there a panel drawing for the front of the case? I don’t see one in the drawings (unless it’s buried in the Eagle files).

I feel like an idiot. I just got my boards today and upon opening them, I realized that I had, in fact, uploaded the drawings for exactly what I was looking for.

As a side note… I inadvertently ordered them green.


We need pictures! :smiley:


I’ll shoot some tonight when I get home. I was contemplating ordering another set in black, but with the color and shipping it’s almost $50 for 10 boards.

Irritatingly, I’ll probably still order them.


And without further ado:


I mean, honestly, I’m kinda into it. It’s definitely… festive?


It’s ok, just embarrassing that it’s green when it’s clearly not supposed to be.