MK-312 PCB manufacture


I’ve ordered PCBs. I’ve got the MK312 mainboard in green, and the front panel in black (non-festive) with lead-free solder so I won’t get lead on my sweaty fingers. I’ve got some extra, so if there’s anyone in Europe who would like a set, ask me.


I’m interested in the mainboard and front panel. You can contact me via mail:


build went very well - functioning awesome - great work - thank you all.
However some questions are remaining i really would appreciate help.

Bootloader: Setting the fuses as recomended require a valid bootloader at
0x1F00 256 byte in size

For my understandig if i (compile/patch) from buttshock/buttshock-et312-frankenbutt
repository i get a firmware image without bootloader - correct?

If i use the firmware included in mk312-bt/firmware/Custom Boot Message f005-MK312-BT/
it should contain the bootloader - correct ?

However no firmware image does start if i set the fuses to boot reset vector 0x1F00
if i set the reset start address to 0x0 any firmware is starting.

Do i understand something wrong ? can somebody clearify ?
The box is running fine - so it is just an academical question but i really would appeciated some good answers on that.

best regards


I’m still getting Failure 20 every time I turn it on :frowning: I’ve replaced all the mosfets and tried a different ATMEGA chip in case that was the problem but still get the same error. Does anyone have any ideas what I could try?


If that offer of PCBs is still open @voncosel then I would definitely be interested in taking a couple of sets off your hands. If I could figure out where the button is to send you a PM I would (I’m probably just being blind)