MK-312 PCB manufacture


Hello @voncosel, is that offer with some set of the PCBs still on? I’d like to have some, if you have still some unused let me know. Thanks :slight_smile:


Even though you’ve asked nearly half a year ago: AVRs offer quite a few traps for young players. One of them is that generally memory addresses aren’t for bytes, but for words. In this case this means that the bootloader code is (expected) at word adress 0x1F00, thus at byte adress 0x3E00.

Which makes sense, as the bootloader code has to be a block at the end of the memory, which gets protected from being overwritten while the micro is running.

The official update as well as the selfbuilt frankenfirmware seem to end at 0x3DFF, the two prebuilt files seem to have gobbledygook at 0x3E00, that can’t be decoded as an opcode, resulting in an exception/halt.

edit: scratch that last part. AVRs seem to ignore malformed opcodes. still the part after 0x3E00 doesnt make much sense…