MK-312BT Bluetooth control app

the MK-312BT comes with bluetooth. I’m unable to find any software to use the bluetooth conetivity. How can i use the bluetooth module? Is there a Android App available?

Do i need to buy the Eroslik software?


I honestly do not know !
If you have an answer, i am also interested.



the control of the box with the bluetooth works like a serial.

On the schematic:

  • When there is a jack plugged in the J3 (LINK INPUT), the connection is made between the jack and the PIC.
  • When there is no jack plugged, the connection is made between the radio interface and the PIC.
    All connection goes though the MAX232.

=> So, you have to setup the bluetooh module, according to the informations in the “bluetooth conf” folder.
And then send serial information trough the bluetooth communication.

You will find informations on how to control it with python on the following link.

Hope this helps,

I found this, but no app.
ET-312 Remote Control

Or more here. Answer from “onwrikebaar” contains a link to the software “dweb”.

ET-312 basic remote control (YouTube)