MK-312BT Failure 16

Hello everybody
I built a MK312-BT that also ran for a while. Now i get error 16 when i try to turn it on.
Does anyone know what this error means

Looking at the firmware it looks like error 16 is bad power level. There’s a “Set Pwr Level” setting that’s normally Low, Normal, or High. The firmware checks the value and displays the 16 error message if it doesn’t like what it’s set to. It appears to be saved in the eeprom between sessions.

I’m not sure how it could be set to an invalid value but you might try resetting the box to factory defaults (wipes all user settings and routines) by holding UP and DOWN while turning the box on. The manual says to hold them until the self test completes.

I’ve just ordered the boards from China and parts from Mouser so this advice isn’t backed by practical experience, just my reading of the firmware and notes on the buttshock Github repo.

Thank you
The MK312 works again