MK-312BT firmware how to?

Ive done my main board already, but I know nothing about firmware, could somebody tip me how to program it and using what file to program it ? Ive also purchase atmel Mkii and installed atmel studio 7, just need the right files and instruction to finish this project, thanks a lot.

Find the answer on website:

$ sudo apt-get install avrdude
$ avrdude -c usbasp-clone -p m16 -t
avrdude: Device signature = 0x1e9403 (probably m16)

Fuses for using the external 8MHz crystal:

$ avrdude -c usbasp-clone -p m16 -U lfuse:w:0xFF:m -U hfuse:w:0xDC:m

Firmware for configuring the bluetooth module:

$ avrdude -c usbasp-clone -p m16 -U “flash:w:mk312-bt/bluetooth_conf/MK-312BT V1.2 HC-05 Initialization ATMEGA16.bin”

Test/demo firmware

$ avrdude -c usbasp-clone -p m16 -U “flash:w:mk312-bt/firmware/Custom Boot Message f005-MK312-BT/HelloFriend.bin”

Now, we’re messing with firmware

$ cd buttshock-et312-firmware
$ scripts/ --downloadfw

$ sudo apt-get install binutils-avr
$ cd …/buttshock-et312-frankenbutt/

Doc says: “A patched version of buttshock-et312-frankenbutt-f005 is recommended”

$ cd m005
$ make
$ avrdude -c usbasp-clone -p m16 -U “flash:w:m005.bin”

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Thanks for the infromations
I already build mine, I wonder if i can use a raspberry pi to programm the atmel.


Im not sure, Ive done mine in Linux using Avrdude + avrispMkii

Thanks for the answer,
I will try once =)