MK312: 3D printable case


As I have trouble to source the case for a reasonable price: Did someone by chance already try and design a 3D printable case?

Only asking as my CAD-Fu is somewhat lacking and I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. If I should whip up something I’ll add it to this thread.



I don’t have a 3D print design - For most 3D printers, the box is relatively large, so you may have problems getting a useable print. Have a look at the substitute parts thread and consider using the Hammond box mentioned (much cheaper than the PacTec one), however you will have to find a way of mounting the PCB because the internal PCB mounts are different.



Progress report:

Still having troubles with the top. Plan is to to have the walls chamfered at about 45°, using 4 selftapping screws (two in the back corners, two near the front) and an extrusion to press on the battery.

Currently its 203 mm x 116 mm x 60 mm, which should fit on all i3 style printers.

edit: Having the battery upright would require channels for the wires, which kinda sucks. Laying it flat like in the other cases is easier, resulting in a new depth of 153 mm. Width and heigth remain the same.

edit 2: With some luck I’m currently printing the last test print. Material used is about 300g, screws are the same as the M2.5x20 used for the front panel.


Selfreply to ping everyone watching the thread (even though I believe it to be justified I feel a little dirtier than usual doing it).

I present v1.26 of my case design.

  • Outside dimensions: 203 mm x 68.5 mm x 153 mm
  • Material used at 0.15mm and 20% infill: 350g
  • No need for sticky tape, battery is held in place by the case. Just needs some compressible material on each axis (blutack, foam, paper towel, etc) to stop it from rattling.
  • Needs 4 screws for the lid (M2.5x20, the ones used for the front plate) and up to 3 screws for mounting the pcb (M2.5x5, I just cut the x20 to length).
  • Frontplate is a snug fit on all 4 sides.

Caveat: Only tried it in PLA for now, screw hole dimensions might be to tight for PETG or ABS.

.stl’s and Fusion 360 export (warning: may induce vomiting) at


  • round of the edges
  • add a way to mount the daughterboard for bigger transformers

edit: Clarifications regarding the picture: Didn’t have a powered screw driver at hand, so I couldn’t be arsed to screw in the left screws completely as well.The screw holes are identical to those on the right.
And the pattern that can be seen in the light reflection on the top surface is due to printbed micro defects from older prints.