MK312-BT Repo Update - Please check!


I finally got around to updating the MK312-BT repo.

  • Added the latest v1.3 gerbers (still need to add eagle files)
  • Updated the README with board ordering instructions
  • Folded the assembly instructions into the README
  • Added forum links
  • Added Error 20 guidance

Please check over this and make sure I didn’t fuck anything up, and let me know if there’s anything else I should add.

Firmware distribution is still a bit of a problem that I’m not sure how to tackle, especially since ET yanked the upg files.


I’ve still got some green pcbs and black faceplates from 1.3r if anyone’s interested.

Yeah… I wonder why they did that. Are they on to us?


With as far as the files have spread, and random people showing up on the forums from all over the world, I would figure so. They’re not dumb. Not to mention, it’s been over a decade since a box that would require an upgrade has been sold, so we were probably the only source of downloads. :slight_smile:


Seems as if the new gerbers are missing the value layers. Purpose or oversight?

Would providing .torrent files and/or magnet:// links be OK in regards to laws and provider TOS? That’s how we usually publicly distribute required firmware files for 3DS things.

Another option would be to provide a set of file hashes, and hoping ahem that someone will paste them together with dl locations on a paste page that shows up in internet search engines.


The rules of this discussion unfortunately do not allow a link. Although I personally think that the link to an anonymous file hosting service might not be so damaging.
Perhaps such a website This is a good site for hosting anonymous files. When someone adds a “/file/” address and then writes the file name “vs6r6v9o2yhd1fp”, then maybe there will be a ready-made, cured and modified version for our clone what it is looking for.

If I violate any rules, I apologize and calmly delete this post.

By the way, when there is such a topic here, do you have anyone “information” about the original PC software to ET-312?