Monster girl island buttplug integration


Just wondering how possible it would be to have buttplug work with the monster girl island game (which is still currently a work in progress)


Would be happy to talk to the developers about that, though we’re lagging on game integration right now.


I have contacted the author of Monster Girl Island in the comments section of their patreon and they seem interested in adding some sort of toy support at some point (they liked my post).

Here is their page

Don’t know if you guys have already spoken but it looks like at some point it could be implemented. I just don’t expect it to happen quickly, MGI is a pretty ambitious project. They definitely should get VR in that game as well, because their use of 1st person camera is amazing.


Yeah, definitely hope to get to video game support at some point. Things are just moving a bit slowly right now on the development side, but hopefully will be speeding up again soon.


Definitely looking forward to it.