Multiple streams/toys

Has any thought been given to supporting multiple streams/toys yet - e.g. being Lovense milked + EStimmed (maybe mutiple contact sets) at the same time
The streams could have independent waveforms or maybe just some sort of phasing
I do this in an analogu world but being able to set the whole thing off from one console would be great

Yup! You can route the same stream to multiple toys right now, but specific streams requires some development on our side. Been thinking about that as a syncydink feature. It’s mostly a UI problem there, figuring out how to match files to toys. The actual file loading and command routing shouldn’t be too difficult. I’ve noticed there’s a lot of gay porn where you can both fuck and be fucked, which is where I got the original idea.

Thanks - each stream will need some sort of logical name to map it to an output - and you might want to swap things around - i.e. playing a stream to a different output target in different sessions
Being able to author parallel streams would be nice too :slight_smile:
No rush/pressure :slight_smile: