Not finding Kiiroo Titan


Windows 10
Installed buttplug server and able to connect to both Syncydink and Scriptplayer.

Unable to find toy on scanning. Bluetooth is activated.


The buttplug server supports the Kiiroo Titan’s pornhub branded version, but we didn’t know the Titan’s BLE name to add support for that version.

If you can tell us what the Titan announces itself as, adding it shouldn’t be a problem. It should appear in the log panel during scanning, when trace level logging is enabled.


If you need help figuring it out, feel free to ask here for more detailed instructions, or visit our discord server at and someone can walk you through it. :slight_smile:


From what I can tell the BLE name is Titan.


@david567 The new name has been added, so the support will be in the 0.3 release; however, I’ve also backported the change to a branch off of 0.2.3 for you to test with.

Please download this custom build from my CI account (hence the weird version numbers) and confirm that the Titan is detected:

Please let us know if it works, or if it doesn’t: in that case we’ll send you more details for further investigation.


Downloaded and installed. Connected right to unit and works.
Thank You


Awesome! Thanks for confirming the fix works.


Any chance of adding the new BLE name for the Titan to Syncydink’s WebBluetooth? :slight_smile:


We’ve got a 10 month old bug filed for doing that:

I just gotta get around to it. :expressionless: