Onyx 2.1 now working with Windows 10


For anyone that now has an Onyx 2 that shows up as Onyx 2.1, this is now supported in Buttplug and Intiface Desktop for Windows 10.

To use this with Scriptplayer and Syncydink, you will need to start using Intiface Desktop. Intiface Desktop is the new name for the Buttplug Server.

You can download the Intiface Desktop application for Windows 7/10, Mac, and Linux at

Download v14, then run the setup and download the engine. If you already have Intiface Desktop installed, you just need to go to settings and run the update to get Intiface CLI C#

Usage of the program remains similar to Buttplug Server 0.2.3 otherwise. If you have any questions, feel free to reply here or contact me on the discord at https://discord.buttplug.io

Onyx 2.1 support for Intiface Desktop on mac/linux and pure web browser access (“Connect Local” on playground/syncydink) will happen later tonight or tomorrow, still gotta work on that. Will update this post when that happens.

Kirro Onxy 2 not being found in scan
Unable to connect to Onyx2.1

Many thanks, qdot! It is working as expected.