Ordering the PCB from the Gerber Files v. 1.3



I am having some difficulty ordering the PCB. I have the latest version of the gerber files.

I am using the site bayareacircuits.com and when I upload the Gerber zip file it gives me a number of errors -I am not sure if serious or not. I cant seem to attach the report but here are some errors cited:

  1. copper to board edge: 0. Needs to be >=5mm
  2. copper ring: 0mm Needs to be >=1mm
    10 other errors in pictorial form, pointing to a specific area of the board e.g. "(no value available) - Minimum UNKNOWN FEATURE (2 of 10)

Wondering if anyone knows if the errors are problematic? If so, can anyone recommend a PCB manufacturer who can interpret & print the PCB from the Gerber files as they are?



The README on the MK312-BT repo has “board ordering instructions” for using jlcpcb (link to them is also included in the README). If you choose the 2nd cheapest shipping option, boards usually show up within 7-10 days. I ordered 10 sets of boards (main + front panel) for like, $60 or so?

I’d offer to just drop a set in the mail to you now, but my last bulk order of boards are missing the value layer, which is super handy to have. I need to make a new order. If you want, I can go ahead and make that new order and just get you some out of those.


Oh yes absolutely, thanks so much! I was about to edit my post to ask if anyone wanted to buy in bulk and share the cost. That would be wonderful.

I am new to soldering & electronics and more or less bound to f it up the first few times so should probably get 5 or so boards (?)


If you don’t have any soldering experience with through hole stuff I’d strongly advice you to start by assembling some smaller kits. Especially as some of the solder pads are somewhat fiddly and easy to bridge.

Stuff like https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0711MHKDZ/ or https://www.amazon.com/Elenco-FM-88K-FM-Radio-Kit/dp/B004YHZE0G/. Just some cheap “DIY solder kit” stuff.

Oh, and get yourself a good solder tip. The pointy “pen” style tips that usually come with the iron are no fun to work with. I always recommend the small chisel type for through-hole, about 1.6mm works fine. Seen plenty of people who spend ages on selecting the “right soldering iron”, yet forget that the right tip form is important as well.


Thanks, will do! I have been working through the book make:electronics and there are some projects there also I could do first.


If you’re looking for people to go in on a bulk order, I’d be interested.