Prototyping an open launch-like device


So I’ve been playing with the idea of using 3d printing and my basic knowledge of stepper servos to create a fleshlight launch like device but with the benefits of positional accuracy and higher resolution control of speed and acceleration. Has anyone else attempted this yet?

The goals I have for this project are to keep it OSHW for the sake of derivation work and contribution but I’m not sure where to start with having a repository that’s hardware based and not code based.

The process I foresee is creating the basic mechanism in which to mount the sleeve holder, probably clone the twist to lock idea, creating a reciprocating motion method that can handle the load, creating the basic positioning system to read to home, microcontroller and stepper driver for the servo motor, defining the positional limits, implementing a low latency protocol to pass instructions to move the motion and etc.

working mount pattern

Let me know what you guys think.


Hey! That sounds awesome, and funny enough, you’re the /third/ person I’ve talked to interested in or already working on a launch alternative. I’ve pointed those other people at this thread. :slight_smile:


Good to know! Currently I have tested the mount pattern by printing it and test fitting and it holds well so in terms of reverse engineering that’s pretty much figured out. When it comes to linear motion it’s really easy to have costs spiral out of control so I’m trying to stay under 200 USD on a BoM. Speed and holding torque considerations are tricky since well, stepper servos can miss steps depending on axial force which I would not want to crush anyone’s jewels with industrial motion.

I might piggy back some existing work done and use a established movement instruction used in CNC, I have not dived into the frameworks you developed yet but I’d like to do this over serial first before jumping to advanced protocols like bluetooth.


Yeah, going serial is a great idea. Most toys these days just emulate serial over GATT, so if you have it up and running with regular ol’ serial, we can help wedge that into BLE somehow.


longer Stroke length and quicker response to input would definitely be welcome.


How is this project going?


What would be cool is if your device could ‘hold’ various male masturbator toys. Fleshlights are great but there are a whole lot of cheaper alternatives out there.

How is the project going?