RealTouchScripts not accepting new users?


Hello guys,

I know maybe this topic doesn’t belong here, but I don’t know where else I could ask for help.

Because of my new Launch I wanted to create an account on . The problem is that I can’t register. I always get the error “The e-mail address you entered is not allowed to be used.”. I tried several emails with the same result.

I know that this forum is not related to realtouchscripts, but most of you guys should have an account and I can’t contact anybody from realtouchscripts without owning an account.

It would be a shame if I couldnt register and use the usermade scripts for my Launch.

Do you guys have any info about the error?


This is a weirdly common problem. PM me your email address and I’ll get ahold of the mod for you.


Ok, you should be able to sign up now.


Yes it worked! Thanks a lot!