Scanlime Arduino remote-control for Lelo toy

Hi there! First post here.
I discovered Buttplug very recently while looking for a control alternative for a Remoji toy that was offered with my Hugo Lelo. In my research I also discovered Scanlime’s work to make an alternative controller for the Lelo toy (including Hugo), which made me wish I could couple the control of my two toys.
After reading this topic, I was wondering if any progress had been made to support the arduino and more specifically the Scanlime library?
Thank a lot! (And thank you for Buttplug, it’s a marvel)

So I found a solution to my problem.
I used Scanlime’s work to build a remote control around an ESP32 and make it look like a Lovense device for (someone from the discord channel made a code to clone a Lovense device but I can’t find out who it was…).
). It works and if someone is interested, I put the code here :–Lelo