Scriptplayer and Buttplug Recognize Vorze But It Doesn't Move


I bought a Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter and it connected to the Vorze fine. The blue light on the Vorze popped up and Scriptplayer recognized it as a device, but when playing a video with a script, it just doesn’t move.

Anyone else see this issue? Did I get the wrong Bluetooth Adapter? I am running Windows 10 with the required build.


Yup. That’s my fault. I haven’t had time to get message conversion in for the Vorze yet. The bug for that is:

Once that’s done, it should work (I have a Vorze and will be testing).

Until then, you might want to try ScriptPlayer, which already has Vorze support. You’ll still need to connect to Buttplug through it though.


Ok, I just uploaded the new version of syncydink that supports the Vorze. I think the command translation could use a little work, 'cause it feels like it runs slow to me. Let me know what you think.