Scriptplayer nor Syncydink will play the videos



I was able to connect my toy but I don’t seem to be able to play the funscript files. Whenever I drag them to the player it says that there is no video for the file. Anyone had similiar problems?


The dragging/dropping part could be the problem there. I haven’t tested drag and drop support with Syncydink, so it sounds like it’s trying to load the haptics file as the video file. If you click on the video and haptics file inputs, they should open file dialogs. Try loading video/haptics files that way.


It still doesn’t work. Maybe I got the wrong files? Cause I got a funscript file and a txt file. I assume the funscript file is the video file and the txt file is the haptic file, right?


Yeah that’s not right. Funscript files are just text files too. You need an actual movie file to play. You might want to try signing up on and talking to people there, they’re a good community who can help you out.