Search a complete box MK312-BT

Does anyone sell the latest version of the MK312-BT ?

I am interested in a complete box.

Thank you

I don’t have one for sale (but I could build another). Just out of interest, what sort of price are you thinking of?

I have an extra v1.2 box for sale. I built 3 of them but one of the people I was building for backed out on the cost sharing…

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Hi there.
I am a real newby on this website.
I was pleasantly surprised that a website like metafetish even exsists.
It is a great alternative to the bloody expensive real McCoy.
Or should I say that the 312 that are discussed here are the new Estim-standard?
Anyways, how can I get one, and also important: what is the estimate price?
I am an electronis engineer, so understanding the schematics and layout is no problem here as is the buildup itself.
What I also like to know, is there a difference with the ET?
What are the differences between all the versions here in a nutshell?

What kind of price point would you ask for? I’m actually in the market for one, and have zero experience making electronics, so I would rather defer to a relative expert than kill myself making a sex toy :yum:

I would like to buy one pre-assembled as well, Netherlands here, also interested in price point

I’d be very, very interested in a built box as my electronics skills is limited. I’m in the UK and happy to pay for a build.

I posted my extra box to ebay if anyone’s interested here’s the link: