Some oscillograms from estim units

I have big collection of them. so ill publish here some.

The first one: medical ems

100k load: min 13.8V avg 163V max 262V
1M load: min 9.8V avg 148V max 265V

impulse 640us (300us+300us)
pause between: 1.5ms,14ms,38ms, 120ms
between series 600ms

Device: Mystim Cluster Buster

power level, device1 + 100k resistor load, device1 + 1M resistor load, device2 + 100k resistor load
1 - 20v 25v 34v
2 - 36v 42v 50v
3 - 50v 57v 70v
5 - 76v — 98v
6 - 83v 92v 107v
7 - 93v — 120v
8 - 100v — 128v
9 - 109v — 139v
10 - 115v 118v 152v
shock - 115v — 161v

mode: mode1
signal: 143us
pause: 14ms

mode: mode2
signal: 60us…150us
pause: 14ms
power(at level: 2) 12v…27v (variable power meassured at power2 level)

mode: training1
signal: 34us…250us
pause: 33ms
power(at level: 2) 12v…24v (variable power meassured at power2 level)

training modes here:

device electrastim axis

power level, full amplitude, amplitude without peaks
3 - 6V (full) 5.3v (only signal)
10 - 101v 85v
15 - 190v 138v
30 - 300v 160v
99 - 500v 184v

mode: Wave
signal: 157us (131us only control signal)
pause: 8.2ms

mode: alt Wave
signal: 82us…168us
pause: 7.68ms

more global:

device: mk312bt

load with 100k and 1M resistor - like the same amplitude

power, level with peaks, level without peaks
0% 11.6v 6v(wo peaks)
20% 67V 42v(…)
40% 185V 160V (…)
50…100%% 195V 195V(no peaks here) - just increases modulation

mode Wave
signal: 126us…386us
pause: 2.88ms…30ms

mode Stroke
signal: 280us (half period) full like 500us
pause: 6.4ms

mode Climb
signal: 334us
pause: 2.88ms…63.8ms

bigger zoom:

excellent review on electrostimulation and box systems Mk312bt

thanks for the info

device: D-LAB look

load with 100k and 1M resistor - like the same amplitude

power level, amplitude, first half signal’s amplitude
1 12.3V |5.5V
10 22V | 10.8V
20 33.6V | 16V
50 65.8V | 32.4V
100 114V | 55.6V
150 157.6V | 78.4V
200 197V | 100V
(max)250-276 213V | 100V

Impulse: 248us first half + 248us the second (like 500us)
In all the modes this impulse the same.

It issue 1-5 impulses with small pauses (10-30ms) then repeats in 10-500ms

mode: breath
pause between impulses 10ms


device: Compex sport elite

only 1 impulse shape: biphase 592uS

power, load 1k, load 10K
1 - 10V, 94.4V
2 - 13V, 129V
5 - 21V, 199V
10 - 28.5V
50 - 62.6V
100 - 88.8V
200 - 124.8V
500 - 197V
999 - 238V

some modes have 2 different times between implises.
potentiation 1s/176ms
endurance 100ms
resistance 20ms
strength 14ms/240ms
explosive strength 14ms/260ms
active recovery 96ms
pre-warmup 128ms
massage 1s

modes oscillogramm

Great overview - thanks for the efforts and for sharing.
Can you please say more about the D-Lab? I found it earlier but was not sure about the functionality. The app seems not to be in the Play Store so I also could not judge on it. Can you maybe share the download link?