SoundSync 0.1 Beta

Hi There,

ever wanted to play a game with buttplug vibration but the Game didn’t support it?
Ever wanted to watch a certain Video with vibration but there were no Scriptfiles for it?

Fear no more!

I created a little program for myself that just makes a buttplug vibrate according to the volume of your PCs output using the buttplug server.

If anyone wants it it’s avaiable under

All contribution and/or feedback is welcome.

I would like to know how do I run this program.


Hey, I’m a C# noob and I’m unable to build this. When loading this project in Visual Studio, I get a bunch of ‘The name ‘DataAvailable’ does not exist in the current context’ errors and similar. I see that DataAvailable is defined in Connection.cs but how do I make it known to Global.cs?
Thank you!

Sorry I was in the middle of a mayor refactoring before I hurt my hand ynd couldn’t finish it.

The eralier commit “58a1a03f3c58756a551ccde4cc59a2b2c0adc8b9” schould compile.

Got it to compile and run, cheers! Hope you get well.

Since you got it to run, could you describe any additional steps to get things working.
I’m currently stuck with ‘Element not found’ for WasapiCapture when I build and run.

It sounds like you are missing dependencies. What I did was to open the Package Manager Console (Tools -> NuGet Package Manager). There I found an option to restore the needed packages. That was all I had to do in order to run the project.

After restoring packages with nuget package manger I still had problems.
First error
Second error

Could you upload the .exe to github?

If you have checked out the first commit (58a1a03f3c58756a551ccde4cc59a2b2c0adc8b9) then I have no idea why you are getting erorrs, sorry.

I can’t because I am just some guy, not the maintainer. I tried to zip the published files (including the .exe) but I can’t get it to run after I unzip it (I removed some personally identifying information and I guess that breaks the signature hash).

When you’re feeling better please release a compiled .exe


It’s been from the very beginning it’s under rekeases on gitlab.

Nothing happens when I click that .exe, even as admin

I’m using win 10 with latest update, maybe I’m missing something here?

Working after I placed the folder in C:/Release