Source code MK312BT microcontroller


I am curious if the source code is available anywhere? I.e the code that tells the microcontroller how to translate the audio inputs to a digital output. Would love to see more about what its actually doing.


Depends on what kind of source code you’re comfortable with. We have annotated AVR assembly, but there’s not like, actual C code available.


Was the 312 firmware authored in assembly, or was it compiled from C?


Pretty sure it was compiled from C.


Thanks :slight_smile:

I am interested in having a go at programming the ATMEGA16A in C with a view to reproducing some of the desired functionality. I am wondering if anyone could recommend a development board and IDE?

I am reading that MightyCore extends support for the ATMEGA16 to the Arduino IDE. Also I am wondering re. the Atmel studio 7 with support for the ATMEGA16 as standard.

Any help much appreciated!