Survey: What would you like to improve on current software?


While filming the Buttplug Websocket tutorial, I realized how painful it is to do the first SSL setup in the websocket server. On top of that, we’re still not signaling to users what toys actually work with their setup.

These are things I get lots of questions about, yet we haven’t really been addressing those questions lately.

I’m trying to do some development planning right now, and I’d like some feedback on what’d you’d like to see improved if you use Buttplug/Syncydink/ScriptPlayer/etc…, or if you can’t, why not.

For example, here’s some things I’m aware of (if you’re having problems with things in this list, please still comment here and let me know, just so I can get some basic numbers together):

  • Lack of Windows 7 Support
  • Not enough feedback on which toys work, when, and why
  • Secure socket setup for websocket server doesn’t give enough feedback
  • No available list of applications that can be used with Buttplug

We’re looking for everything from the biggest issues to the smallest nits, so let us know what you think!


i think that its fine as it is, its awesome and i dont think its too much of a work to set it up for the user. i think the main focus should be on making it easier/faster to generate scripts and to make the bluetooth thing more stable (i dont think thats your business tho, but im still having troubles with stutters and so on, no idea what could fix this)

what would also be great would be support for upcoming games, like virt-a-mate or games from illusion


Yeah, the script generation work is happening right now, there’s some potential for the blender addons, and we’re continuing work on our web browser based encoder so we can start experimenting with things like gamepad motion entry.

For bluetooth, it’s certainly our problem to try and help with, though whether or not we’ll be able to fix it is a good question. :slight_smile:

For games, we’re looking at Unity support soon. Right now it’s just a problem that none of us are familiar with Unity, but I’ve got it installed and have been reading up on plugin building.


For the script generation, did someone tried to analyze the “motion vectors” that are embedded in most video format ?

In some scene, you can clearly see the motion vectors around the guy’s dick going “Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, …”.
In theory, you could have a perfectly synchronized motion for those scenes just by letting the user select an area and have the application average the motion vectors inside the selected area. With more analysis, the application might also be able to detect an ‘insertion ratio’ (ex. only top 60% of the area had mouvement).
The best part is that, for VR videos, the point of view doesnt change often so you could get a ‘rough draft’ for a whole video just by selecting an area for each position.

It might take some work to extract the motion vectors (ffmpeg libraries could be used) but I think it would be worth it. It would simplify the script generation.

Anyway, just an idea.


Command line to see in action (keyboard shortcut: ‘right arrow’ = skip ahead a few seconds, ‘s’ = skip frame by frame):
“…\ffmpeg\bin\ffplay” -flags2 +export_mvs “…\christoymack1gb.mp4” -vf codecview=mv=pf+bf+bb -ss 04:04


There’s some work happening around motion tracking in blender, check out this thread:

Wasn’t aware you could do that from ffmpeg though! That could be interesting.


Thanks for the link. It’s the same basic idea, using a different engine. It’s nice to see cj1 has a working ‘prototype’ of this idea.

In theory, the advantage with ffmpeg is that you can use the original video and, I think, extracting the motion vector would be really fast because it’s “build in” the compressed stream. No video analysis needed.


Actually Blender is also using ffmpeg for at least part of its video processing. The tips about extracting images etc I got from Blender tutorials on motion tracking so they were based on getting extremely accurate tracking and avoiding any built in data. More experimentation seems to be in order either way.


I would like to see some support of Unity, even if it is some kind of guide to get unity working with websockets.