Survey: Which devices and operating systems would you like to see supported?


So far Buttplug has support for:

  • all released Lovense devices
  • the Fleshlight Launch
  • the Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl
  • the Vorze Cyclone A10 SA
  • the Vibratissiomo LieDown (and possibly more)
  • the Magic Motion Smart Mini Vibe
  • Xbox 360 controllers (wired and wireless)

What should be next on this list?

Tutorial: Buttplug C# App Suite 0.1.0

If anyone is so inclined to make Vibease’s wearable vibrator supported that would be so cool!

Also, I am wondering if it would be possible to have non remote sex toys supported? I don’t know much about software engineering, but maybe something like the Hum vibrator could potentially be supported. It is not a remote sex toy but the developer said that software upgrades will eventually be offered through flash… so kinda curious here…

Anyways thanks for considering my request!


We actually have a vibease, but it has a level of encryption built-in that’s slowing us down.

I seem to recall that the Hum is also going to be BLE, but I can’t find any references right now. We need some way to control the devices, so we really need some sort of Bluetooth or USB interface on the device.

Most of the devices we’ve worked with use BLE for short range communication and a phone app acts as a proxy for longer range control.

We’ve recently added support for a long discontinued USB vibrator, and we’ve got a couple more planned.


Cool. Thanks for letting me know.


Lovense edge support? I have another post on the details, but thought I’d mention it here.


We already support all Lovense toys I believe.


Would it be possible to develop motion sensors / gyros to e.g. detect motion and use that to control toys?


We do have plans for supporting the accelerometers in devices that have them, including the Wiimote. The stumbling block so far has been normalizing the sensor readings.

That said, connecting to sensors via your own application is totally doable right now. We just don’t have anything build into Buttplug yet to get feedback though the same channel as control.


Under the 0.2.1 software release and previous release notes, there are a variety of We-vibe products listed. Any chance the We-vibe Classic would also work? If not, any chance it would be easy to add?

Thanks in advance.


Yep, the classic should already be supported.
The C# server implementation supports some variants that the JS version does not yet (there are multiple versions of the classic)


Thank you for making such a great tools.
And I have questions.

Thank you very much for making great tools.


Yup, we should be able to support it. I just need to find somewhere that I can buy one and have it shipped to the US.


I know that Shockspot has a bluetooth option, and that the cylinder that they’re using is taking serial commands. However I don’t know much more than that. I’m pretty sure the linear motor they’re using is an ERC2 series by IAI (


Theoretically we should be able to support the Shockspot devices; however, their prices are out of my range right now.

Was this a device you specifically wanted support for? If you have one, we might be able to work with you to implement support.


I’ve been an owner of a shockspot for several years now and I’ve long wanted to upgrade it’s capabilities. Sadly i’m more of a hardware guy than a software guy, but I know just enough to know what to look for to help out the software folks.
I’ve crossed paths with a few other folk over the years who have also expressed interest in either implementing automation support for the shockspot, or increased ability (more in line with say, a hugher).

What can I do to assist you folks? :slight_smile:


Huh, neat! I mean, we want to support everything, so shockspot is definitely on the list!

As I know very little about the machine other than the cost… Does it currently have any sort of serial/usb/etc connection/control capabilities?


The control interface is handled via a windows program that communicates to the device via a USB serial connection. My machine is an older model that has an optional Bluetooth module for a (drumroll) windows mobile app. :rofl:
As far as I can tell the Bluetooth module simply replaces the USB serial input when a switch is toggled on the machine.
While the software has some limited automation capabilities, they’re not great. They definitely went the easy route with the software and didn’t include anything beyond a simple in-out motion (albeit configurable for speed/depth/stroke length) that a linear motor like the one they’re using is easily able to accommodate.

The manufacturer does have a stand alone control box for sale (nearly $200) that allows use without a computer, but internally the port it plugs into is just tapping into the same serial data line that the USB and Bluetooth is using, so I suspect the control box is just a micro-controller reading values from the knobs on the box.


I wonder if it would be awesome with an android apk app called syncydink.apk which are the same but from an application instead.


There are some android applications being worked on now. Rolling syncydink into that might be kinda difficult, but I know there’s at least one native android movie player with Buttplug support currently in development. See this thread for more info:


Is it time for unity support? :slight_smile: