Survey: Which devices and operating systems would you like to see supported?

Good luck finding one if you’re not going to Japan soon. :slight_smile:

I think I’ve seen it in stock at a couple reputable importers, but I’m kind of iffy on the thing myself. I’ve got an R1 UFO, and it… well, I’m not sure “too rough” is the right term, but it just didn’t do it for me. (Or maybe I just wasn’t using enough lube… but then keeping the thing on might start to become a problem.)

Also it doesn’t look like the sides are independently controllable, which is a problem for me.

I wasn’t lying in the UFO review video, I literally had to shave my nipples to use the SA and even then had to make sure the nubs were super lubed up, and well as lubing my chest. Once I’ve got all that done, then it’s mostly a problem of sensitivity. I know lots of people say the Cyclone is too much for them (works great for me), but the UFO has that problem for me.

And you’re right, the sides are not independently controllable as far as I’m aware. Same signal goes to both. Which kinda sucks.

Still an interesting toy at least. Worth adding to a collection/play room if you want something novel (which I did for making the video).

I found a source for them in Germany and a friend who runs an SM Club in Tokyo. Nothing can stop me! Mwhahaha

And it being a bit intense is part of the fun and suits a number of the ladies likely to want to play with me.

I’m not sure I thought it felt bad even, just… somehow obnoxious? I don’t know. It’s been a while and it’s hard to describe to begin with.

Well, maybe I’ll try it again sometime with more lube. But without independent control, I don’t see the fancy remote-control version being worth my while.

If anyone is so inclined to make ELLA( wearable vibrator supported that would be so cool!

We’ll add it to the to-support list! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, can support ELLA great!

Would you be able to support FeelzToys Anna vibrating egg? I’d love it if you could

@ricfar99 Unfortunately the Anna doesn’t appear to be controlled over Bluetooth. Right now all the supported devices are already intended to be computer controlled via some means (most via mobile apps).

Most remote devices, like the Anna, just receive signals on the 433mhz frequency. To send those signals, we’d first need some additional hardware to act as a transmitter, and I’m not aware of any real off the shelf solutions for this. It’s not impossible, but I doubt support for any such devices will be added soon.

Hey guys,
Is it possible that the Lovense Max 2 is not yet supported? I can’t get Intiface to recognize it.
The only way I saw any sign of it was through the new tutorial page, where the WebBluetooth setup showed it as LVS-Max211, but says “no usable characteristics found”


Yup, it could be that they changed the characteristic UUIDs. If you’ve got a smartphone and a bit of time, either priv message me here or hop on the discord server ( and you can help us add support. :slight_smile:

What about the Lelo F1s?

Should be implemented fairly soon. Work has already started.

It’s old-school and discontinued but the Rez Trance Vibrator would be great! (Metafetish has already done the heavy lifting even! )

Already handled in the C# codebase, but there’s a LOT of caveats there. I go over the issues in this video:

Any updates on “The Handy” implementation?

Still waiting on their BLE implementation.

Any chance of support for the BV-001 from bvibe?
Don’t think it uses ble.

If it’s just radio, it’ll be a while before we support it, and it’ll require special hardware.