Survey: Which devices and operating systems would you like to see supported?


It’d be nice just to have a good way to get the raw sensor data, even if the client has to handle interpretation.

And actually I’ve already gotten that working with the Lovense Nora, but to do it properly is going to take some new messages. I’ve got some ideas on how those should be set up, but I’m not sure of the best place to go with it…


Thanks for your interest in the project, and for the patch you just put in on the C# side!

I’ve been thinking about how this should work, but the process I’ve been poking at is probably too formal for where we are as a project right now.

I think the best way to address this at the moment is:


Hmm. Separating a couple of them out will be tricky since what they contain is pretty strongly connected, but I’ll see what I can come up with.


Well, if it’s easier to submit them together than you can just do it that way. It’s a new process (that I’m creating in my head while writing these replies >.> ) so I’m open to experimentation. :slight_smile: