Syncydink on Android?


i got me a Launch this Week, as early Christmas Present :slight_smile:
I used it already with my Smartphone and FeelConnect App, but there are not many Vids.
So found the Option, Scripts, Buttplug/Syncydink etc.
Me’s now wondering, can i use Buttplug/Syncydink on my Android Smartphone?
I tried it, but i had no success yet. I used Chrome, went to Syncydink, loaded the Video as well as the Script. Both worked fine, but Syncydink doesn’t connect to my Launch, i always recieve a Error Message (See Attachment)
Is there a way, to get the Launch connected?

Second Question:
If there’s no Way, to get this thing working on my Smartphone, what Type of Bluetooth Dongle do i need.

Thank in Advance for your Help and sorry for my shitty English, German is my Main Language


What kind of phone are you using? I just tried it with my Pixel 3 XL and it connected fine.

For bluetooth dongles, we recommend

But any Bluetooth 4/BLE dongle with a Broadcom or CSR radio should work.

I’m using an Samsung Galaxy 9+, but still no sucess. I don’t get the Launch connected