Testing Fleshlight Launch with 12v power supply makes it shut down as if battery is depleted


Hi everyone,

I decided i want to switch Fleshlight Launch battery to a proper power supply so that it doesn’t need recharching.

So, I opened up Fleshlight launch and noticed that the battery is 14.8v but the motor is 12v. When i tested it with a 12v power supply(i don’t have 15v power currently), it ran fine for a while but then the red led started flashing as if the battery was running out. I wonder if this is because the board thinks the 12v isn’t enough power and shuts the thing down. It probably measures from the voltage drop when the battery is running out.

Am i correct and should i get higher voltage power supply or is this caused by something else?



Can confirm it works perfectly with a 15v supply. The 12v I had lying around resulted in the same behaviour you got with the red flashing light. Feels great to be able to use it and not be worried about it running out of battery


Hello, this modification seems very interesting, but alas I have no clue of how to perform it.
What kind of power supply would I need to buy?
Do I just have to plug it trough the charging port?


I’m also curious how I get this mod to work.
Could someone please help me with this?