The issue that makes the launch useless for syncing to videos

It can’t execute commands in the pace of the video. Nearly every video has AT LEAST one scene or sequence in it that is too fast for the launch and it stutters and kills immersion. Did the firmware update do anything to that huge issue? I don’t see a lot of future for it when it can’t handle “faster” paced stuff. Even with a lot of tools/features that will probably come out for it in the future, as long as this issue exists, they are all just half as good as they could be.

PS: is there any toy that works with the tool from here that doesn’t have that flaw?

I’m not sure we’re been able to work out what was in the firmware update yet: there was no noticeable changes in behaviour. There is a slow ongoing effort to see if we could write our own improved firmware, but that’s not had any real progress yet.

I personally test with a desk covered in vibrators, and most of those are pretty responsive. I don’t have anything linear-actuator based, and the only device of that type currently supported is the launch; we are looking at the SayberX and the Vorze Piston (only just announced), but currently we have neither.

What videos/files are you using?

mp4 format, high resolution (4k). Whenever im doing a funscript sequence and i see if the launch can handle the invervals, it’s a big letdown because it seems like not even medicore paced movements can be performed without stuttering or skipping commands.

Can you post the file you’re trying to use here?

Ok, just added .funscript/.ini/.txt to the allowed extensions for uploading files here too.

ppp.funscript (4.0 KB)

just as an example, it sometimes stutters or seems to not properly execute the fast commands.

Here is a version with the stroke lengths reduced, that should improve the playback: ppp-shorter.funscript (4.0 KB)

The script asked for actions that are faster then what the Launch is capable of, causing the stroke not to be finished yet when the new one has to fire. This is the main cause for this getting out of sync.

unfortunately i experience the same problems with your file aswell

Hmm, ok. What os/platform are you running this on?

win 10 64-bit, creators update

Oh, and are you playing through ScriptPlayer, or Buttplug?

both, synkydink seems to work better tho

Ok, something I forgot to ask here. When you tested with funjack’s file, did you JUST load the script, or did you load a movie alongside it?

Also, have you tried using a smaller (non-4k) resolution movie? I’m wondering if we’re possibly lagging on the decoding.