Tri Phase Cable on MK312BT

Hello There

Im currently building one of those nice boxes.

My question:

I want to use the “classic” triphase mode (NOT the build in mode that you can activate using the jumper) that uses a triphase cable and want to make such a cable.

My question is now, which pole of the plugs have t be connected together to make the so called common electrode? The tips oder the base pole of each plug?

From my understanding it’s the ground that should be common between both channels, so the outer/base one.

I never felt the need to make a dedicated cable. Using banana plugs one can always join one of the poles. The choice is pretty much arbitrary and different choices influence the sensation.

Thanks a lot.

For me the important part is that it does not do any damage to the device if I join together the wrong poles together.

There is no such thing as “ground” for the output.
Both outputs are isolated and floating.

And when you consider the output waveform is symmetric - it does not matter how you connect the tri-phase setup. Connect any two wires from both outputs. All combinations should work the same.

Ah, thanks for the clarification. I’m also fairly new to the tri-phase setups :slight_smile: