Tutorial: Using Buttplug with ScriptPlayer


ScriptPlayer is an open source Haptic Movie Player for Windows. Currently it supports funscript, but has plans for supporting VRP/Kiiroo/etc. The developers have built in support for Buttplug, and their latest releases (available on their github releases site) should work with Buttplug 0.1.0 or greater, available from the Buttplug Releases website:

To use ScriptPlayer with Buttplug (Instructions current as of 2017/07/23):

  • Install Buttplug
  • Install ScriptPlayer
  • Run the Buttplug Websocket Server. Currently ScriptPlayer is not capable of SSL connection to Buttplug, so make sure the websocket server has “SSL/TLS” unchecked.
  • Run ScriptPlayer
  • Devices -> Buttplug [version] -> Connect to Buttplug
  • You should see “ScriptPlayer” pop up in the client name field of the Buttplug Websocket Server GUI.
  • Turn on the hardware you would like ScriptPlayer to control.
  • In ScriptPlayer, choose Devices -> Buttplug [versioln] -> Scan For Devices
  • ScriptPlayer should show an indicator that it has connected to a device.
  • Load Haptics file and movie, hit play (or movie may also autoplay).

ScriptPlayer supports hardware that accepts SingleMotorVibrateCmd, FleshlightLaunchFW12Cmd, and VorzeA10CycloneCmd. Currently, this includes:

  • XInput (XBox) Gamepads
  • All Lovense Toys (Win 10 only)
  • Some Vibratissimo Toys (Win 10 only)
  • Fleshlight Launch (Win 10 only)
  • Vorze A10 Cyclone (Win 10 only)

There is currently no device management in ScriptPlayer. This means that it will connect to EVERY device that it can. So for instance, if you have a Fleshlight Launch and an xbox gamepad connected, it will control both at the same time, so make sure you know what’s connected, and remember you can do things like holding the gamepad against the Launch in order to add a vibration feature to the Launch. Be creative!

We’ll update these instructions as ScriptPlayer changes.

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