Unity engine hooks / support


Ah, yeah, we haven’t quite figured out what our generic squeeze function should be and haven’t wired up RawCmd yet, so you may have to work around that. :frowning:


Any recommendations to that approach? I don’t mind working around it if I have a good direction to work with.


That… is actually a good question. My idea for sending arbitrary data to devices is to have a RawCmd command to use for development, but we’ve got devices with multiple endpoints, so I’m still figuring out how that should work exactly.

So, for now, um… Shit. I can’t actually think of a good workaround with a non-changed build. Lemme see if I can whip something up for LovenseCmd and RawCmd and I’ll get back to you.

BTW, if you want to talk in real time, we have a discord at https://discord.buttplug.io, I’m there most of the time.


Very glad to see progress on Unity!


I can confirm things are happening now. I can’t really confirm much other than that. But things, they are happening.


Another month, another month of hopefully more things happening. :slight_smile: