Unreal Engine and C++ support



I tried to search the forums and web for answers but couldn’t find anything on this. I would like to use Buttplug from Unreal Engine 4. However, I couldn’t find any libraries or bindings for UE4 or even C++. Are there any plans for supporting these in the near future?

I have a technical background but am not an expert programmer, so I am also wondering how difficult would it be to create my own bindings and/or a custom client for communicating with the Buttplug server? Or is there a better way to go around this currently?

Thanks in advance!


Yeah, our C/C++ support right now is a problem. We don’t really have a C/C++ reference implementation for the client yet, much less a full server (though client is the important part for now). I was planning on shoving something together in Rust and providing C FFI’s at least, but haven’t gotten to that yet, and I have a feeling people are going to want actual C/C++ clients too. :slight_smile:

I’m working on the Developer Guide right now, which, when finished, should provide enough info to possibly build your own Buttplug Client library. It’s coming together at https://buttplug-developer-guide.docs.buttplug.io, but it’s been somewhat slow going so far. I’m working on the “Writing Buttplug Applications” portion at the moment that goes over how the reference C#/JS client implementations work. Combining that overview of the reference API with the Protocol information in the spec might allow you to do build your own instead of waiting for me.


Thanks for your reply, good to hear that you have the C/C++ support somewhere in the roadmap! I’ll be following your progress on the reference implementation and the guide for the C#/JS client implementations! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile: