Unused Lovense Max for sale


So, I got a max for my partner to try and include it in my techsex set-up. It works brilliantly in theory, but the trouble is he’s too big for it, so aside from one failed effort to try and get him through the opening it has not been used. The insert has been cleaned and sterilised anyway. Lovense only do returns if the product is faulty, so it’s going to end up gathering dust until I come across someone a bit smaller to play with. All the original packaging and USB cable is included.

We’ve had this issue with things like chastity cages before, so I don’t think the Max itself has a size problem. A fairly average sized dildo goes in it no problem. It’s not often I hear men complain about having a girthier than average dick, but it does rather get in the way of toy buying!

They’re retailing at the moment at £89GBP on promotion. I’m offering £60 including the postage, or make me your best offer. Happy to ship anywhere.