VR/haptec Playback problems

Hi All,

I have been experimenting with playback of VR movies using scripts from realtouchscripts.com and synkydink or the ScriptPlayer. Generally I have had some success but I still have the following problems. Wondering if anyone can help.

When using Syncydink in VR mode using Firefox version 64.0.2. on windows 10 (with latest patches), when I click the VR button on the bottom right of the movie, I am able to watch the movie with my headset (Oculus Rift). HOwever, there is no way to control the movie (pause, fast forward etc) on the screen or within the headset. After a few minutes an hourglass appears and the movie then stutters and grinds to a halt. it is almost as if there is a memory leak in the player. I have to exit firefox and restart to get things going again.

When using the ScriptPlayer connected to the Whirligig player with the VR movie timecode exported, all works fine except when connecting to either the lovense hush or edge, the vibrator just vibrates continuously, and continues to vibrate a while after I have stopped the movie -almost as if the vibrator is receiving too much data, gets backed up, and cannot keep up.

Otherwise the experience is fantastic!!

I am curious if others have encountered these issues?



Syncydink VR support is a mess. I never took the time to build VR controls into the actual VR player. That’s been on the todo list for well over a year now. I usually just tell people to use ScriptPlayer for the time being.

The movie stuttering/stopping in Firefox is bad. I’ll check that and possibly file a Firefox bug. There may be some media caching issues or something.

On ScriptPlayer and Vibration, see WeVibe commands being queued? for an explanation of what’s wrong there.

Ok got it, thanks. I just posted a response to that other thread re. vibrators with buttplug server. It seems the bug is in ScriptPlayer (as opposed to buttplug server) as Synkydink -> buttplug server works just fine with a vibrator.