Was the buttshock arduino shield just a phase?


Was following the Buttshock Arduino Estim Shield trail but the thing goes cold. Later the Code is then transferred from Dvo’s gitHub space to that of our- fearless leader, qDot.

Lots of e-stim sites on the web and tweets from Dvo point to https://adultblogz.co.uk/buttshock-arduino-shield/ but that site’s gone down. Thanks to the wayback machine, I found a detour to ButtPlug.tech Wiki, which contains lots of headers to be filled in later.

The Buttshock name now refers to the MK 312BT project so I’m guessing the Arduino Estim Shield was an early step in Buttshock’s infancy?


As far as I’m aware, that particular version of the estim shield project never made it anywhere. I haven’t heard an update on it in over a year, and I don’t really communicate with that team anymore (the buttplug.tech wiki is in no way affiliated with our project).

That said, there was another project to isolate the power transformer portion of the MK312 board into a format that could be shieldable. We don’t allow zip files on this forum, so I’ve forwarded it to you on the slack and will try to get this onto github.


Hey Kyle, you are fast. I had just wandered into Dvo’s notes nestled in the buttplug.tech wiki, and came back to take my question down. when I found your response. Thanks for that. It’s all captured for posterior-ity now.


Oh come on, you were gonna take it down and waste a perfectly good estim pun thread title? :slight_smile: