What about cheap, "non-smart" remote-controlled devices?

Hi everyone,

I found this project while looking for a way to control a remote-controlled vibrator from my PC, but it seems that Buttplug.io only supports those devices which are connected to an app for example and not that cheap 20 € vibrators with a remote control. I wonder why? With my mediocre understanding of this technology, I think that you would basically just need an USB-antenna or something like that and then capture and replay the transmission. And the antenna is probably cheaper than a “smart” vibrator.

Please tell me what you think.

We’ve talked about that in the community, but then it becomes a question of which usb antenna to standardize on, picking it out, testing it, supporting it after development, etc… which is a lot of work.

I’d be completely open to someone doing the leg work for that, and then I could get it added based on that guidance, but the initial R&D for that is very low on my list of personal priorities at the moment.