What electrodes and cables do you use for the mk312

i recently finished the build of my mk312 (just waiting for the bluetooth module to arrive). Now i have to buy some electrodes and cables. Which do you use? Which are recommendable?

The mk312 is on my wishlist (down to pay someone who can make it for me! I’m a n00b with electronics), but I’m really fascinated by the Slim Jim/Big Jim electrosounds. I can’t wait to try one of those (I’m leaning towards the Big Jim) with an anal plug sync’d up with a Cock Hero video.

hi @thesyke

I personally build my own cable / electrode.
I used a jack where you can solder wire on it, with some classical wire.

One with 3 alligator clip, the other one with two anti static wrist strap (I am not using the wire included as it usually include a 1M ohm resistor inside)

I think you can use any electrode, just be careful to be able to connect them to the box.
I haven’t tried with patch now.