Why you may not be able to use Bluetooth LE Toys With Windows 7


We get this question a lot, so I figured I’d make a post to address it.

You may have a USB bluetooth dongle that says it works with Bluetooth LE on Windows 7, and may even be able to see/pair with the Bluetooth LE toys like Lovense toys or the Fleshlight Launch. However, there is no easy way for us to write code to access random Bluetooth LE hardware in Windows 7. The driver code for USB bluetooth dongles usually interacts with whatever Microsoft has put in the operating system, meaning it will work for audio devices (headphones/speakers), input devices (mice/keyboards), etc…, but there has been no way to access sex toy hardware. Microsoft implemented general Bluetooth LE support in the way Buttplug needs to work fairly recently in Windows 10. Microsoft has no stated plans of backporting Bluetooth LE support to Windows 7.

There is a chance we could use an alternative method to access Bluetooth LE on Windows 7, but it will be difficult to achieve and is not high on our priority list at the moment.

Note that some toys come with special USB dongles to work with specific toys on Windows 7. The Vorze Interactive Cyclone A10 is one such toy, and Lovense has one in development now for their toys. We plan to be provide support for these kinds of toys, as we know how to write code to access them.


Has this been implemented into buttplug or is it still in the works? I have the special dongle for the Vorze but I am still unable to connect. It does work with the Vorze player but I am trying to get Buttplug to work with script player so I can connect to whilrligig.


Still in the works, but much closer to actually happening than it was like, a month ago. I just rewrote the Serial libraries to make things like this and the lovense key easier to work with, just need to get the protocols implemented now.

Unfortunately no ETA for that at the moment.