Youcups Warrior 2 issue: WriteValue using txChar called with no txChar available


Hello :smiley: please excuse my english (Im spanish) and also I am a complete noob about all this things here :sweat_smile: I have tested buttplug with my xbox one-S wireless bluetooth gamepad and it worked great in the windows app, in the playground testing web and in script-player with videos and scripts, even with whirligig VR player! It all played well (synced scripts with the videos, everything)! Then I read the list of supported devices and bought the Youcups Warrior 2 since it is a cheap device for testing to see if I could get it to work too. The toy seems to work correctly for its original intent/connectivity. After some trouble connecting the device I managed to get it recognized by playground and the Buttplug server desktop app, the name of the device appearing correctly in these two platform and as connected. However the toy did not receive the synced vibrations, the same ones I tested with the gamepad so that might not be the problem. I checked the logs in buttplug server and everytime a vibrattion activation order/pattern is sent this message spams:

"|ERROR|UWPBluetoothDeviceInterface|WriteValue using txChar called with no txChar available"

This didn´t happen with the xbox gamepad so I am confused as what I should do :sweat: I hope this is just a small easy problem to solve:sweat_smile: do you know what should I do? do you need any more information to check the problem? Thank you in advance for your help and for all these incredible haptics investigations, it is amazing :exploding_head::star_struck: !


That’s a problem on our end. There’s an issue with the Buttplug Server not looking for the correct device possibly. I’ll file a bug to take a look at this, and I was already planning on releasing a new version of the server soon (in the next week or two), so hopefully it’ll be fixed then. :slight_smile:


Thanks qdot :partying_face: ( btw super fast reply wow :open_mouth: ) I thought I was messing something :rofl: Ok I´ll keep an eye on the new release and as soon as I test it I give you feedback to check the issue:+1::beers:

Small edit in case it helps :bulb: : I forgot to mention this, when “succesfully” connected to buttplug/playground/scriptplayer, the device vibrates as in a standar-flat-linear vibration I dont know how to explain it, for example like a “default vibration mode”.